The Midland Sea Scout Meet 2019, will be hosted by 2nd Warwick Sea Scouts

2019 MSSM

Whats going on? Events list: TBC but a rough Idea

Due to the width of the river we will not be sailing this year and we will need more heats as we can only run 2 Rovers at a time or 3-4 Pioneers, however we have run events like this in the past with great success.
  • Long Distance Kayak - 1 person
  • Rover Sculling - 1 person
  • Rover Pulling Race - 300m course - 4 people plus helm
  • Single Kayak Race - 300m course - 1 person
  • Canoe Race - 300m course - 2 people
  • Dinghy Pull - 300m course - Pioners - 2 people
  • Kayak Relay- approx 100m per leg
  • Kayak Polo - 5 min each way, then golden goal. 5 people per team (non or low contact, scout rules not professional).
  • Pulling Tug of war - TBC
  • Seamanship Topper Rigging, Colours, Knots, Pulling - team of 5
  • Explorer Powerboat race? water carrying challenge in the rover, timed round a course with penalties for poor driving, spilling water from the bucket etc


112 Myton Rd, Warwick CV34 6PR

ContactHow do i get my group involved?

How do i get my group involved?

you can register your interest here  this will give us some idea who is interested and in what events.